Friday, November 25, 2011

Day after Thanksgiving 2011

for a gal born in the 50's this is hard to grasp. not every day but somedays, you just look at 2011 and are stunned.
born into a decade of.......simplicity finding myself yearning for simple and sucked into technology.
you my grands will know nothing of life without technology:cell phones and video games and the internet. you won't know what it's like to NOT be instantly connected and yet face to face and really connected, or that's what it seems like to me right now in this moment of remembering nehe being born and there he is in all his precious newness and his peeps are tweeting and facebooking his arrival rather than gazing adoringly in his face....of Gigi getting shot in the butt with a paintball gun and rather than all of us laughing together we are again tweeting and facebooking the event:) it was fun....seriously to stand there and wait...wait....wait to get shot in the butt with a paintball.

i am not judging any of us just looking at what we have become and lamenting i guess a bit of the lostness of 'in the moment' joy and memories. well you do have the video here to see the silliness of it. the joy of being with family at a moment of pure silliness and fun.

just try to remember to be fully present in any given moment and i will promise the same.