Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this morning still swimming in Nehe and how he is like the Israelites and SO AM I.......

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

this is hard....being a mom after so many years of...of .....not I guess
being a mom is 24/7 of being there......being the one leaned on.....the one depended upon to provide the physical and emotional needs of a 14 month old. one who likes to seem independent and looking always looking for his freedom. resenting anything that looks like confinement until he needs someone to lean on .....and oh how sweetly Nehe leans. always making sure i am there and backing into my lap and leaning his sweet lil head into my chest. it's the backing in that cracks me up, never looking, just sure i am there and backing into my lap......child like faith.

i thought i could DO THIS, i knew it would be hard but didn't take into account how much of my freedom was going to be compromised, how confined i would i need to back into your lap, sure it's there and that it will never push me up and out of the way to go DO something more important. HE loves us more than we will ever know and doesn't get overwhelmed with how much we need Him.

learning so much from this time of 24/7 returning to Momming.....