Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"thinking about being Baptized."

If you're ready YES

"waiting for hubs"

so do you talk about it?

"I don't want to push him"


When these kinds of conversations come up I am just a wreck inside. I pushed mine...I prayed for and pushed him..I would lay my hand over his heart every nite and pray........do I advise that? YES YES YES.....the praying for and pushing without expectation...pushing towards a lively interactive relationship w/Christ...oooh boy was it rough...we fought and said horrible things to each other in the battles.....but somehow it was always OK.....we simply were learning after years of NOT communicating to communicate. After years of ignoring and sucking it up, learning how to tell each other how and what we felt....learning how to point each other to an inside look, trusting somehow in our ignorance and new found faith that You had a plan for us to BE different....but see I write here because it don't make sense...I don't communicate in ways that are understandable and maybe...maybe writing it here I will learn.....because to communicate and be understood is one of my deepest longings and that that communication would be about You, about Christ...that excites me alot.

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