Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have a new Grand….which means one of our children has had a child….Jameson Garnett Kenealy born 8:56 pm on June 17th. Via C-section after a lot of hard labor by our DIL Allison and son Jared. What a day it was too. Watching them ‘labor’ into parenthood, surrounded by this amazing loving community of people. What I will remember is praying in the waiting room, this group of people centering and holding hands and lifting up Allison and Jared, the Drs. and Nurses…connected in that moment and praying. It was beautiful, he is beautiful and helpless and dependent on a Mommy and Daddy, broken and beautiful parents.

And then this morning so moved by the readings¸ especially Psalm 82:5 Ignorant judges! Head in the sand judges! They haven’t a clue what’s going on. And now everything is falling apart, the world coming unglued.

Can’t help but change judges to ‘parents’. Looking back on my own ‘parenting’, a generation blinded by stuff and things….raised by a generation who thought stuff and things was the way to go, raised by a generation without, thinking acquiring the stuff and things was the way to go, providing what hadn’t been provided to them because of lack?? I don’t know how to share my observations of this morning without just writing, my thoughts.

We raised a generation without imagination and now expect them to raise a generation not needing stimulation…constant stimulation, a barrage of sounds and lights and media and information. We went to a Royals ballgame recently and the actual ballgame was such a small part of the experience…there was a myriad of foods and media and even at the top of the stadium a playground where the ballgame isn’t even visible. We are blinded by sounds and lights and media and playgrounds while YOU are in the whisper….we raised a generation not knowing, afraid of silence, of lack ……..

Parents…Head in the sand, blinded parents….without a clue to what’s going on…passing their addictions down and now the world is coming unglued…Pay attention to God…Jesus…the Holy Spirit….Your spouse and then your children ….and in that order…….in the quiet it takes to get to THAT order….HE WILL WHISPER what’s next……His time…His order….His will. And oh my children what JOY comes from that submitting, surrender. Who knows what a generation raised in THAT surrender will be able to accomplish…what RISKS they will experience, what JOYS. Are you willing to enter into the silence and surrender to give your children something you never had?

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