Tuesday, June 28, 2011

wanting to post on twitter but too scared to put it out there....

wondering if it's true that we're crazy but they're passive, where's the hope? we=women they=men and yes i gots me some crazy

i do see my crazy and I do see in the past how Papa's passivity has contributed to where we are now....I see him though growing out of it and yet my crazy seems all the more prevalent??

he's winning the battle and i'm still fighting?? My crazy seems so confusing, it's about me wanting what I want all the freakin time.

so to my girls......daughters and grands I got nuthin......no that's not true....it's in there see how our will's fight against Yours...

to my sons and grands.....it's in there too....don't BE passive. lean heavily into Him, get into His word and fight for what He wants MORE than against our crazy, maybe being in the Word, seeing how we all fall far away from what He wants, trust that He's in that too...that He has us fighting against wanting what we want and desperate to want what He does....I don't know how to do it other than to tell you it's a FIGHT. one that as warriors, men of integrity and RISK when you fight to KNOW Him, be obedient to Him we (women) see it and want you to win.

i know our (women's) battle is to do the same. I know that but in our powerlessness in a world dominated by men we can feel defeat so quickly ......and you MEN are made to FIGHT. i know putting alot onto you men....but didn't He make you to BE our leaders?? Yes we're gonna fight against it, against you...wish i had more hope for you, it's gonna be rough, we're crazy remember.

see these are new thoughts a fresh admission of my sin and.......I guess it's owning my own CRAZY and not putting thoughts out there that are not thought out.....

please to my kids and precious Grands who read this in the future...i hope and pray you saw me fighting against the crazy, the wanting what I want........I know you see Papa coming out of a passivity, into a God dependence that is very attractive.

i pray in watching your parents lean into Him, loving Jesus, His Word, trusting His Spirit you are seeing something that is more than can be put into words....that you are going to be way more confused and soft and desperate for Him and that my dears...is a very good thing.

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