Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am a motorcycle rider, scratch that. My husband is a motorcycle rider and graciously allows me to accompany him on the back of the bike. ....confession...i have made a big point in our years together that THAT bike doesn't leave the driveway unless i am on the back. The gracious part stays, my husband shares his passion and talents with me with so much grace that i am overwhelmed.
confession....overwhelmd when i am not griping about simply looking at the back of his big ass helmet. yup instead of being grateful for what i see, where i have been, glorying in the freedom that sailing along on two wheels brings me i bitch at him about looking at his 'big ass helmet'. I regale him w/the frustrations of never being able to see where we are going. i piss and moan at this road or that, this beautiful piece of scenery or that with an irregular regularity. He who holds the responsiblity of my safety, his, our future, i complain to.
it has been an ongoing revelation to me that THAT is also the way i treat my Abba. He who goes before me and has my back. He who sent His son to die for me. I spend way more time complaining to Him than Thanking Him.
there are many stories i have learned from my seat on the back of the bike. now to implement all that i have learned His Grace and my husbands astounds me.

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