Thursday, March 1, 2012

From a 'Walker' to Alive in Christ

I know you all are too young to watch Walking Dead and yet this is my only place to share:)

"Walkers" are Zombies. Well first off confession..i LOVE the Walking Dead. There it's out, Gigi is a, well I am hooked on the show.

It's about a time where there is an apocalyptic event, where in this 'virus' has invaded the earth. A virus where people die and then undergo the process of becoming Zombies/Walkers. Walkers are those whose bodies have died and their brains, parts of their brains underwent this change and now are the Walking Dead. With no thots other than survival. Will leave the how of survival to your own imagination or research on Zombies.

in the first season, those who somehow survived the 'virus' are together and working towards survival themselves. living in a world of Walkers who need the living to survive. They make their way to the Center for Disease control in Atlanta and come into the facility meeting the only survivor who has scientifically documented his wife's descent into becoming a Walker. He documents her death and then maps out the brain activity that turned her.

I feel like the reverse is true for...well for me, and that I am fighting the transference. Fighting the death of ME. or maybe it's already happened and the transference is happening and the synapses in my brain are changing......that i am coming out of the Zombie like state of walking around looking to and for my own survival into to a life of obedience, of following, of being devoted to Christ.

I don't know if this makes any sense and if anyone out there is a fan of the show and seeking Christ :/ perhaps we can dialogue about this. And together come to die so we can live.

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