Monday, March 26, 2012


It doesn't take much reading of the Bible to see where we are broken...

No , I take that back, it takes a bit of time to read and digest this amazing book to see how and where we are broken. It doesn't take much just looking around, REALLY honestly looking around to see we are broken.
It's the honestly looking around that is key. See we are all so personally broken that we have lost what real honesty is, ok I have. It is only in having this amazing relationship with Christ that I have seen, can keep seeing how far from being honest I am. And I wager a guess that it is a common occurence in this human race.

But to make this personal I will keep it at how far from honest I have And that I cannot write 'have been', makes me really sad and yet...keeps me needing to be swimming in His Grace and that I can, simply stuns me over and over again.

Right now this story of Trayvon Martin, breaks my heart. That it is having to be told and dissected and that his poor family have found themselves not only suffering his loss but are in the middle of such a turbulent story line. A story with real characters and being told by just as real characters. A story being bandied about in defense of and criticized for making it a racial issue. We are such a broken world. The pain we inflict on each other is unbelievable and that sometimes we don't know that pain we inflict with our opinions is evidence of the brokenness. We see color and if you deny that, I have a feeling there is a whole lot more you are not in touch with, honest about. We see it....I do, have and so wish I didn't. I so wish it wasn't the first thing I notice. Quickly on the heels of that is attractiveness, the shallowness with which i operate shames me, no longer surprises me. Again I wish I didn't. What I can claim though is that now with Christ I don't stop there, not even long enough to make a judgment.....God I hope that's true and somehow as I write it claiming Christ I think it is. I have a bi-racial grandson, Nehemiah with the most beautiful caramel skin. With a Haitian Daddy and a white Momma, he is one of our passel of Grands.
I see color and attractiveness and swimming in Grace just needed because of said confession i become curious. He is making me more and more curious and for that I am grateful. He is humbling me to a place of needing to be swimming in Grace and making me curious.....How do I

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