Monday, August 17, 2015

Irrefutable Truths

Big title for small thoughts...
On the bike yesterday, always a good place for me and Papa to think, ponder....pray.
As we rode past fields of corn and beans. I thought of seeds. How they go into the ground as one thing and break and grow into huge and beautiful plants.
Before that I was thinking about what is irrefutably true to me?
Jesus, His birth fully human and fully God. Born into a world to save it.
People born at the intersection of male and female.
Seeds must break apart to change.

Nehemiah is enduring seizures again...his family, him persevering through incredible chaos. Epilepsy a disorder without much understanding. A disorder that interrupts life, restructures families. I want solutions. Everything in me must die to accept that this side of heaven somethings will never be fully understood.

Papa and I are reading Job and this morning was Chapter 39, God addressing Job and his friends after listening to them and their conclusions and  solutions. He created everything. There is nothing unknown to Him. The cycle of animals specific to mountain goats, wild donkeys, wild oxen, ostrich and horses...why would I think He doesn't have all of us that closely defined. He knows and to learn to rest in the comfort of that, much in me has to die to grow. In all of us.

But, we're also in Ezekiel and this morning the picture of the 'dry bones'  and the promise of new hearts in 36 and 37....I am encouraged.

My prayer for people, specifically my family to Know Christ for live lives pointing others to that same 'knowing' , irrefutably knowing a seeking heart He never denies....hearing in my head 'that which a man already knows he cannot learn' ....this is the process. A dying to ourselves, to what we think we already know to be born again, anew into what He has always had planned for us.

I irrefutably know He has a plan for His good and glory to Be Revealed and I will surrender daily, moment by moment into TRUSTING that.

Hebrews 13:21
Romans 12:2
Romans 8:28
Isaiah 61:1-3
Job 39
Ezekiel 36-37

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