Tuesday, September 6, 2011

adapt adopt obey

got some thots in here ruminating around, gonna write them and hope to keep them and see what comes up.

reading Ezekiel and Revelations is tough. this verse is maybe a jumping off point. Ez 28:17 Your heart became proud on account of your beauty and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor.

babies born - promise seen and those are the lucky ones.
babies born - discarded, fighting to live and BE loved.

we're all born of human parents into a fallen world, knowing that piece, the fallenness of this world or not , it is i believe what happens.

born - we begin to adapt to whatever setting we are born into. resulting in ideas, conclusions, styles of relating...that form us.

i look at Jameson. He cries there is a big(ger) person checking on him, trying to help him- figure out the WHY of his cries. he adapts to this life outside of his mothers womb.

growing we adopt the thots and concerns of others, if they HELP us....? at first it is innocent(?) enough. Jameson in adapting to his environment adopts the idea of his parents being out for his good.
if he's hungry they feed him, wet they change him, cold they warm him, bored they entertain or seek to entertain him. he even begins to figure out his cries get 'attention'- for a baby attention = love .
later when they let him down and they will, he further adopts the idea of needing lots of attention:)
at some point he will have to surrender to the idea of 'them knowing best'.
oh how long and how many interactions that takes.:)
he will tho, at so many months, in having adapted to and adopted their power in his life have to obey them....if only to give him a certain amount of comfort.
in that process(?) comes obedience - responding to and obeying them.

how are we as Christ followers any different.

obviously this is unfinished thoughts and i hope to in thinking and praying more through it come to maybe something to write out differently. if anyone reads here would love to hear your thoughts as well.

love you gigi

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