Wednesday, August 31, 2011

went to a meeting last nite that gave papa and i alot to think about.
reminded to PRAY more. i pray for you guys and let you know here but i wonder if praying over you, with you would be kind of weird and yet all kinds of OK. i prayed over Nehe as we walked his neighborhood but haven't done it with or over you. i will start doing this :)

emma grace...Abba this lil girl is sensitive and wise. please help her to understand where her sensitivity comes from, a loving Abba who desires her to know Him and His plan. a plan that probably won't be easily discovered, well outside of the part where we are to LOVE YOU and others, all others. the rest will be hers to discover, unleash and in that unleashing have a life of incredible risk and joy. i pray for her to become more and more centered in You, to have a vital relationship with Your Son and to hear Your Spirit in all her endeavors.

gabe christian..Papa this boy is wild and crazy, a wonderful wild and crazy. full of joy and adventure, tempered with a sensitive spirit. i pray You take him on an incredible journey of risk and lead him to love Your son and in that love he discover more adventure than his lil heart can handle.

millie hope....she of the independent nature. i pray you nurture than independence into a deep dependence on You and Your Spirit. i pray Jesus becomes her closest companion and in that closeness all her creativity be released to do things for Your kingdom.

nehemiah....fearless he is and always checking his boundaries. i pray he find YOU in those boundaries and in the freedom that offers he becomes an incredible man of God with You always guiding him. i pray in his pushing the boundaries Jesus becomes his life line so he never gets too far away in that quest.

jameson to us and known fully by You. i pray he grows up to have passions like his daddy and in those passions always knows they are born of you in him for Your glory and that he be a contagious light for You.

i pray each of these lil ones have the DNA of disciple in them and that as it manifests itself in each they find such joy and that their journeys be rich and filled with stories of You reaching others in and through them and that joy.

i pray for their parents to know You have a plan and great love for them and their children. thank you Abba for the privilege of having these in my family.

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