Thursday, August 25, 2011

been reading the old prophets and finding out they didn't always HAVE good news, well it was God's news and for the GOOD but wasn't always received as good.
spent the last week w/you, Nehe and boy was it fun. you are something special like all your cousins. you are especially fearless and always looking for freedom. i love that your momma has from the very beginning fostered that in you.
when you were less than 2 months old, your wise momma would see that yearning to be free and let you slide right off of her lap, we thought she was crazy!
but God picked the perfect momma for you and now it is also her responsibility to help you find ways to BE free and fearless and successful all the while, keeping you safe, as safe as is humanly possible.
it is her and daddys job to remind you where that fearless spirit came from.
for the rest of you AMAZING kiddos, it's kind of like when mom or dad tells you to DO something, you may not receive it as good news :) and even be angry at mom and dad BUT it is for your own good, whether or not you can immediately see it.
anyway feeling kind of like old Jeremiah this morning with all this good news about how God is in charge of everything and wanting to go out and just spout off about it without waiting for Him to tell me when and then when He does, hating being the one to have to say it and yet loving it at the same time.
wanting to point people back to Him, Your Papa, His Son, encourage them to listen to the voice of His Spirit breathing inside of them. breathing advice and suggestions on how to LOVE. not mine HIS....He speaks to us you know all the time and we just need to learn to listen....
loving and hating that voice in my own heart this morning, whispering to me ' listen to them and point them back to ME'....listen to them and remind them who's in CHARGE.....somehow without being .......preachy.
i love the knowing it and wanting with all my heart you all to know it too.
He, the God of the universe is in CHARGE.....
so today i want to be obedient and soft to His leadings and not my own.
i love you all so much and praying today for YOUR lil hearts to feel His love .

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