Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeremiah 1:5

Autumn and Brett Coursey are bringing their new little one into the world today albeit a bit early, 33 weeks, but this lil family is surrounded by prayers.
Papa and I walked them through Pre-marital stuff and feel a real affection for them.
Jeremiah this morning assured me our Papa in Heaven knows this baby already and now we wait and pray and hope.
You lil ones are so anticipated and we big ones sometimes forget how very special each of you is. We have in the lives we've lived learned to just expect things to go in our order and forget He has an order that is really no matter what, better. His will is best no matter what kind of things try to make us think it's not...but really how do we live this when the bad stuff, hard stuff happens?? A new lil' one coming early has the potential to be some of that hard today we wait and pray.....course we're praying it to be our way without even knowing His and you know what.....He's ok with that, He loves listening to us and maybe in all this we learn to listen to Him more? Maybe we turn to Him more, maybe in the turning to Him we hear something we've needed to hear or see something He's been waiting to show us or maybe we simply in the turning, getting closer to Him we end up wanting that...that closeness to Him? I don't know just praying this morning for sweet beginning for this lil' Coursey and for Mommy and Daddy to FEEL Him .
I hope you reading this are in the future good friends, sisters and brothers in Jesus to this new lil one....I hope and pray you all Know Him and trust Him with your lives and now I simply must live in the knowing Him myself. Love you all Gigi

Update: Boy 4 lbs 4 oz.....he's impressing everyone. Now keep praying :)

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