Friday, August 12, 2011

the third plate

gigi had something happen that i want to try to tell you about.
i have been praying to hear His voice and the other day i think i did and missed it....missed being obedient to it that is.
we have had this guy trimming our trees, now in my judgementalism i was put off by how much he talked.
so monday he was here finishing up the job, cleaning up and ....just finishing. papa was due to be home and i was fixing him a fun supper, shrimp boil. i was cooking and getting ready to set the table when i heard this lil voice in my head saying 'put on a third placemat' and then when i didn't do it , heard again 'put on a third plate' know just ask the guy to dinner....
i didn't
i told myself....oh he wouldn't join us and then more honestly he probably stinks from working so hard and he talks too much and i want papa to enjoy his meal.
yuck huh
and now all i can hear in my head is 'don't miss the third plate'....His grace covered me in my shame the next morning and i want to stay forgiven for it and i am.....BUT i don't want to miss being obedient to His voice.
so now i am praying and making my i will of a morning be...I will listen and obey.
i share this so you guys when you hear His voice will maybe be more inclined to obey and in that obedience , i am confident that you will hear it more and more often.
love you all gigi

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