Monday, July 25, 2011

Isaiah is a good read kiddos......if and when you need reminding who's in charge it's a good read. He's ahead of you and He's got your backs...the God of the universe i'm talkin huh?

and then in 1 Peter 4 this morning along w/reading Isaiah.....1 Peter 4:7 Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted. Stay wide-awake in prayer. Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything. Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless—cheerfully. Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it: if words, let it be God's words; if help, let it be God's hearty help. That way, God's bright presence will be evident in everything through Jesus, and he'll get all the credit as the One mighty in everything—encores to the end of time. Oh, yes!

He's in charge and asking us to pray........praying for each of you this morning and loving watching Him grow your gifts. love you all gigi

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