Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my eye is black
jaw sore
knee swollen
pride bruised and oh how i wish it was shattered

took a mean spill this weekend on a scooter, yup, you heard me right a scooter. NOT a motorcycle or dirt bike a scooter, a motorscooter, but still........

the fall didn't even hurt that bad, my Abba does protect me. what hurt was the shame and embarassement of the spill...crash. to be seen, revealed as inept again....that's what goes through my head and the word STUPID was the first word, the only word on repeat in my head. no tears at the crash....but sobbed for 90 minutes on the back of the bike and just when i would think OK......it would come again......

i want to believe i have something to offer....i want to believe i don't need YOU for absolutely everything.....

entering the falls today...praying to be drenched
...stepping into the yoke You offer...praying to in everything EVERYTHING today, see it as a choice and YOU there waiting to help me choose.

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