Monday, July 4, 2011

On the back of the bike is freedom...
On the back of the bike is joy...
As long as he is riding

on the back of the bike is me....

yesterday we rode.....home from iowa in the rain and it was glorious. just me and him.
i almost missed the joy of him, i almost missed seeing him for who he is, I almost missed seeing him seek You....if not for Christ all i would still be seeing is me.
And now i am so grateful Christ in me, lets me see others. i still get lost and want what i want, but more and more i see You all around me.
i am realizing that without You, there is nothing.
how can i blessed with so much, still do that.....
i am sorry Papa for being so filled with me as to miss You...Your Son...Your Spirit all around me please in the being forgiven yet again help me to live for You and not my comfort.
and thank you Papa for him.......
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  1. Now you are one great example of fearless independence. :)

    Happy 4th!