Friday, March 18, 2011

Had a great day on the bike yesterday...talking a really great day. Getting back on after a long winter is always such a thrill. The freedom experienced by both of us there is real and tangible.
my freedom in Christ is every bit as real and yet probably not as tangible.
this morning tho in reading so much to the words and in rewriting the 37th Psalm in my own words a real sense of direction to my life

it's not a concern of mine or ours who's evil.
follow Your Spirit - trusting in Jesus
follow wherever God leads!
It's all You and delighting in You
He knows it all anyway
every thought in my head
every word before i speak

follow where ever He leads
LISTEN for Him, to Him
which means quiet myself to HEAR
He's got the plan

don't get angry, don't act on it, in it and He's got the end

Know THIS and move in the confidence such drenching provides

the wicked are always around...God's got you
and see if you're listening and following and drenched....well you know it's HIM
it's always been and always will be ...HIM

we gonna fall
we gonna take hits...some BIG ones
He's got

Never have I seen a forsaken follower...
think about it...
mabel...SA the poorest of the poor
praising Jesus
never a forsaken follower

I gotta stop looking out for me
I gotta stay soft and when I'm not
wrestle back
beaten and yet never defeated

get up and get on the path HOME again

wait passionately for You
never stray from the path
too far
that wrestling...wrestling on the path

it's gonna be hard
not supposed to BE easy

this freedom is of and from YOU and in it I and you are protected and safe
in and of Jesus there is no wicked that can harm me
really no harm can come to me of evils design
Jesus saved me from now i follow where ever You lead which means

I have to keep my eyes and heart on YOU

ALWAYS.......delighting in You

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