Monday, March 28, 2011

Ps 39

so Papa and I in reading this psalm this morning are praying that we don't live so long as to become burdens on you guys and in praying wonder if in having our own 'women at the well' experiences...experiences where He shows us who we really are and in that we accept...beg for His grace and in those moments accepting it, feeling it we become changed. We will be older and kinder, softer and less demanding....we pray so. and in praying and thanking Him for those moments i got to thinking of you all....:)

i hope you have had or are ready for those moments guys.
it's not about getting caught.
it's about taking the time to sit with Him and letting Him......well
He's always seen you, He made you and it's about letting Him show you what He's known about you always and in your seeing it, with Him..... stay away from shame and just feel His forgiveness and grace.
Walking away from such an experience you are changed, if only for a moment and hopefully in experiencing more and more of those moments of pain and joy you find yourself waiting for if not seeking more of THEM.

He loves you so much.....He wants You seeking Him with your whole hearts and minds and strength and in that seeking you all will find more than you can imagine.

and this young lady here, writes it so well.
don't be afraid guys...He really knows you and love you more than you even know. love you too...Gigi

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