Monday, March 14, 2011

I read so many different blogs
I read the Bible

the diversity of what I read both adds to my confusion and helps me to remain curious

I would love to write and be read
I would love to be able to both ask intelligent questions and be in discussions about everything but mostly about journey's.....

I would love to have the guts to ask questions of those I deem so much smarter, clever and creative than me. There are many in my acquaintance that fit this description and I am blessed to on occasion be able to sit in their presence and ask some of the questions that resonate...but others in the blogs i read, since I have deemed them as listed I most likely never be exposed is both a fear and a desire of mine.

mostly I dream of someday being affirmed and deemed something other than ordinary.......that a question born of all this confusion would be a catalyst for discussion....

until then I blog and sit in my head with questions that will probably never be asked. I pray in this sitting to become more humble and approachable and less desirous of that wanting more than ordinary.

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