Monday, May 16, 2011

There's this guy out there right now predicting that the world is gonna end May 21st. I don't for a moment believes he knows as the Bible clearly states we are NOT gonna know. What his prediction, in combination of the last couple of weeks of I wills has done in me though is create this great, uncomfortable hyper-awareness and spiritual tension.

I talk alot, the amount of words I have used in 55 years is I am sure mind-boggling, problem is not sure if even 1/2 of what I have said was worth saying. And that is creating in me this embarrassment and shame. And still, even in feeling this call, pull to LISTEN there is this immense battle to talk. :(

So this week I will with the help of Your Spirit LISTEN and needing even more help... wait and see if there is anything at all I am to say. Seriously God help me this week.....probably will write more here and hopefully, prayerfully see You at work in me.

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