Tuesday, May 10, 2011

visiting w/some women this morning about 'relationships'........wish i could articulate what my relationship w/Christ is like. and wondering what people see in me because of my relationship w/Jesus.....my Abba...the Holy Spirit.
i figure i talk a good game and here in my chair with You it FEELS like it's all good.
do i listen and obey?
what kinds of things do i 'hear'?
what do i DO with what i have heard?
do i hear You because of the relationship or because YOU are God?
let's face it You can do whatever it is YOU want to do and whether or not i am listening makes a whit of difference to You. is that right?
am i trying to 'humanize' something that is supernatural?

and then i read matthew 27: 12-14But when the accusations rained down hot and heavy from the high priests and religious leaders, he said nothing. Pilate asked him, "Do you hear that long list of accusations? Aren't you going to say something?" Jesus kept silence—not a word from his mouth. The governor was impressed, really impressed.

i talk too much....i will today listen and in my head and heart cry out to You.........be still and KNOW that YOU are God....

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