Monday, May 2, 2011

He gave them exactly what they asked for—
but along with it they got an empty heart.
Psalm 106 vs 15

That verse this morning is kind of speaking to me and wanting to share my thoughts with you. On vacation Papa and I talked alot about FOCUS and becoming like children. One is in the Bible and the other is a word I am just drawn to, and we can talk about FOCUS later :) You all being amazing children I look to you for what that means and to your momma and daddy to see even more. You got good parents you know, not perfect of course but good God seeking parents and what they want for you is GOOD things. Now you may not always see them as GOOD....
like right now Emma is getting ready to get some braces on her teeth and while it may become uncomfortable the end result will be good teeth. Now Emma is probably going to not like her braces some days and she will have to remember the good it is doing when it hurts. She will have to remember what that contraption is doing in her mouth is HELPING to straightern her teeth... especially on the days when it hurts some. If her parents gave her what she wanted on those days and had the Orthodontist take it out... she would be unhappy later when her teeth aren't straight and maybe she wouldn't even be able to eat as well.
So I watch you and your momma and daddy and think.
I watch your momma and daddy be sad that it hurts you but know that they KNOW how important braces are and I think of all the things my Papa, Abba, God does in my life that i may not like or may not FEEL good and I have to remember that He loves me and is doing what is BEST. And if I keep on wanting and wanting what i want MORE than what He wants I could end up with that empty heart....So like Lynz and Paul, he will be sad with me, hurt with me like they hurt with Emma... and yet I HAVE to TrusT that He loves me and knows best.

I love you all so much and PRAY that you in your lives seek Him with your whole hearts and minds and wills and learn to want what He wants for you more than what you may want. Gigi

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