Saturday, April 23, 2011

Matthew 10

It's a strange thing to be enjoying myself so very much on vacation and yet missing everyone so much. This time w/Papa is awesome, just me and him and our Abba. What they say about a 'cord of three stands' is so true. This is a pic of Papa of a morning connecting w/his Abba. He never thought he would enjoy journaling, but that well, that's another story.
We have done alot of traveling and finding out, that for us the biggest joy, is the getting there....we both love the bike so much we could hardly contain ourselves after arriving at Guadalupe River State Park, just outside San Antonio and getting camp set up..... after 1000 miles + on the bike we took off sans trailer for another 300 miles.
I hope it is something Papa gets to teach all you guys, how to dirt and street bike. He is an exemplary rider and would be a great teacher. Now if he teaches you, you must listen to all the rules. Papa is a safe rider and as much as I want you to love it I want you as well to know how to BE SAFE.
Yesterday in Matt. 9 was about the harvest being huge but the workers few...just kind of prayed all day to BE a harvest hand, prayed and wondered how on vacation we could do that. We both have been praying about our words and hearts to be on and about Him.
So last nite this young man wanders into our motel parking lot........i wish I could tell you some awesome story about him but all I have is a sadness about him this morning. He was probably pretty high when he came by, he was limping and had just been released from the hospital w/a broken foot that he was walking on......he said it was broken anyway......we asked him some questions and he needed a phone to call his Mom. I got my cell and he called her and she refused to come get him, to take him home.....then we called him a cab..... not before I walked down to a store and got some cash and food praying all the way for this guy. I wish we could tell you we talked to Him about Jesus, we didn't... but maybe in our small kindnesses he saw Him in us. I hope so guys, I hope in praying for Warren someday he comes to know a Father who will love him for always and forever. Who will always pick him up...
So today reading... The prayer was no sooner prayed than it was answered...I am hoping Warren was an answered prayer and now I am praying someone else somewhere soon, walks him through a loving relationship TO the most loving relationship...

Don't mishear me this life is not all vacation and easy. We maybe could have done more....we are blessed to be on vacation while Warren has a life gigging fish to make a living....there are bound to be some really sucky times but in the suck He never leaves. I promise you that. No matter how you might feel He never leaves and promises even to give you words to speak IF we will trust His Son, His Spirit and stop acting like we got it all together and ASK HIM to lead us and then, well then we must be willing to follow. I hope the Bible becomes a real lynchpin for your lives, that you will lean heavily into and onto Him and His leading. I pray these words are a comfort to you in whatever your lives bring but I pray more that His are and that you in His wisdom come to know all that it is He wills for you.

I pray more than anything you all know His love for yourselves....

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