Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Millie Hope and the ZOO

We just got back from the KC Zoo, just you and I.
And before the memories fade wanted to write down what a good time I had with you.
Seeing the kangaroos and hearing your sweet voice tell me ' they look just like the Easter Rabbi Bunnet'...your Mom secretly hopes you never stop calling them that:)
Seeing the hippo's and having you settle onto my lap a wee bit tired and telling me "I love you so much Gigi " (heart melt) butand wanting to wait to see them slide into the water. (they didn't and we regretfully had to move on)
Seeing the Babboons and having to explain some stuff about male anatomy and primate behaviors:) I was to the point and yet vague enough Mom, so as not to make you have any early conversations ;)
Eating lunch with you and the conversation......oh the conversation.
Watching you fascinated by the Polar Bear and how other little girls are so friendly to you....and your shy receptance of such attention.

It was just a great day Miss Millie and just wanted you to know I loved the time with you and I LOVE YOU

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