Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't know how to start this.

It's to you Grands about your Papa and about marriage. You are all to young to even be thinking about but not for me to be praying about and for who you marry.

So maybe I just tell you about your Papa.

Papa is a most amazing man. He was raised w/6 siblings and his first two have some things about them 'different'. Don't want to call them handicaps and yet both of your Great Aunts started out w/challenges.
Papa was born when Teresa was not yet 2 years old and Elizabeth not yet 1. Papa was in this place called to a maturity and caring that shaped him in good and trying ways.
He has always had a caretaker in him and sometimes that evidenced itself in his younger years as needing to be the one to take care of things. It's a rare gift and sometimes can make a person forget that it is ultimately God taking care of things. It has been the most amazing ride to watch your Papa realize God uses him but that he isn't God or supposed to have to take care of everything.
Papa is kind oh boy is he kind. Don't you love the way he talks about Frank being ugly and then loves all over that dog. How he calls Petrie a rat and loves her. How he tears up when he thinks you guys are hurting or heaven forbid he hurt you.
Papa is generous, I love the way he tries to with you guys seem selfish, especially about his Nutty Bars :) Can't tell you how many boxes he has bought just to carry out that joke. But you guys see through him and know how generous he really is.
Papa is wise. I hope you guys see and emulate his wisdom. How seeking God first thing in the morning has made him wise.
Papa is so loving. I hope all the time he has worked and not been able to see you as much as I have hasn't allowed you to not see that love. I hope and pray that you as the years go by get to spend time w/Papa. He longs to take you fishing and camping and teach you the joys of dirtbiking. He not only longs to share with you the things he loves but hopes to get to watch and enjoy with you all the things YOU enjoy.

I have been so privileged to be married to him for 34 years. That our Abba in heaven allowed me this when we were so inattentive to Him for years just blows me away. I have seen many marriages not survive such neglect. It's a real puzzle guys the way seeking Him We are called to love Him first and then our spouses and then our kids. That just sounds weird and yet what if guys we are supposed to BE WEIRD.
I am praying that your hearts are His, that you find in Him spouses who love Him first and then w/all assurance love you. And that you live lives with such FREEDOM and Purpose and Joy and if you don't marry I pray the same thing.

love you all Gigi

and Papa....Happy Anniversary and i love you

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